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Smooth Sailing

Cruising in the Maldives offers you the best of both worlds. The chance to see many of the thousand beautiful islands of the Maldives, and the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the world's greatest dive sites. Find out how to get the best out of your cruise - both ways.

Select a Cruise

Many people believe that a cruise is the best way of really appreciating the unique beauty of the Maldives, 99% of which is water. Cruise operators offer you several possibilities. You may choose between a diving safari and a relaxing cruise through the atolls, which lets you be in total harmony with nature as your boat winds its way through the multitude of islands. Most of the vessels are equipped with professional diving equipment and staffed by qualified diving instructors. While some vessels offer standard accommodation and facilities, others offer luxury accommodation with all the modern amenities.

  Malé Atoll

  Ari Atoll

Shockwave Map
North Malé Atoll

Shockwave Map
South Malé Atoll

Shockwave Map
North Ari Atoll

Shockwave Map
South Ari Atoll


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