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Maldives Fast Facts

Health: Health care facilities are continually improving. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male' is the biggest hospital in the country, providing sophisticated medical care. Additionally, ADK Hospital is the biggest private health care provider, and follows high medical standards; experienced European doctors work at the AMDC Clinic; and some resorts have an in-house doctor. Decompression chambers are within reach of most resorts in case of a diving emergency.

Business hours: These are from Sunday to Thursday 7:30 - 14:30 in the government sector, and generally from 9:00 - 5:00 in the private sector. Friday and Saturday constitute the weekend.

Communication: Up-to-date technology and international satellite links allow Maldives to have a sophisticated communications system. IDD facilities are available on all resorts, and card phone facilities are available on all islands. ‘Dhiraagu’, the Maldives telecommunications company, and an affiliate of Cable and Wireless, of Britain, provides mobile telephones for rental on a daily basis. Dhiraagu is also the Internet Service Provider.


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