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North Malé Atoll
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North Male Atoll is the principal atoll of the Maldives and includes Male, the island capital. The administrative capital is the island of Thulusdhoo. North Male Atoll, which includes Gaafaru, is 69 km long and 39 km at its widest point. There are 50 islands in North Male Atoll and several small islets. There are eight inhabited islands (counting the airport) and out of the 42 uninhabited islands, 27 are resorts and most of the remaining 15 are privately leased with some buildings on them. Many resort islands are close enough to the airport for transfers to be made by traditional Dhoni's, but those more distant ones usually use speedboats and seaplanes to save time. Transfers to the more distant islands by engine Dhoni can take just over four hours.

Angsana Resort & Spa Kurumba Maldives
Bandos Island Resort Lohifushi Island Resort
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Makunudu Island

Baros Maldives Meeru Island Resort
Boduhithi Island Resort Paradise Island Resort & Spa
Eriyadhu Island Resort Soneva Gili Resort & Spa
Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa Summer Island Village
Full Moon Maldives Taj Coral Reef Resort
Giraavaru Island Resort Thulhaagiri Island Resort
Huvafen Fushi    
South Malé Atoll
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South Male Atoll is 36 km long and 19 km wide. There are 30 islands of which three are inhabited, 10 are uninhabited and 17 are resorts. The capital of the atoll is Maafushi. The atoll is separated from North Male Atoll by the 4.5 km wide Vaadhoo Kandu. Transfers from the airport to the resorts are mostly by speedboat but some of the closer ones still use engine Dhoni's. Rough seas can sometimes be experienced in the Vaadhoo Kandu.

Bolifushi Island Resort & Spa Laguna Maldives
Cocoa Island Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort
Embudhu Village

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

Fun Island Resort Vadhoo Island Resort
North Ari Atoll
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For administrative purposes, Ari Atoll is divided into North Ari Atoll, which includes Rasdhoo Atoll and the tiny atoll of Thoddoo, and South Ari Atoll. The capital of North Ari Atoll is Rasdhoo and South Ari Atoll is Mahibadhoo. There are a total of 70 islands in Ari Atoll and many sand banks, some of which are becoming islands while others are being washed away. Rasdhoo Atoll is nine km in diameter while Ari is 96 km long by 33 km wide. There are a total of 18 inhabited islands in Ari Atoll with a total population of over 7500. There are a further 52 uninhabited islands of which 26 are resorts. The principal occupation of Ari Atoll islanders used to be catching turtles, weaving sails, coral collecting and coral carving but they are good fishermen and are traditionally renowned for their shark catching to produce oil for the timbers of dhoanis. Their shark catching traditions are still strong and often at odds with divers who wish to keep the sharks in the water. Coconut production of the atoll is also high. Many islanders now turn to the resorts for employment. Resort development escalated in the early 1990s and has now peaked. No more resorts are expected to be constructed in the atoll.
Ellaidhoo Island Resort Kuramathi Village
Kuramathi Blue Lagoon Veligandu Island Resort
Kuramathi Cottage & Spa  
South Ari Atoll

There are currently about 30 resorts scattered around the 50 or so islands within the administrative district of Alifu, which is commonly referred to as Ari. The atoll has some of the country's finest resorts

Dhoni Mighili, Maldives Mirihi Island Resort
Holiday Island Resort Sun Island Resort & Spa

Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa on Rangali Island 

Vakarufalhi Island Resort

Lily Beach Resort Vilamendhoo Island Resort Select Islands by Photo Select Islands by Atoll
White Sands Resort & Spa  
Haa Alif Atoll

A brand new Atoll when it comes to resorts, this atoll occupies only one resort at the moment, this is the most northern atoll of Maldives and has a lot to offer for the visitor. easiest way to get to this atoll by flying to the neighboring haa dhaal atoll, which has a domestic airport & caters regular domestic flights through out the week.

Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives Spa Resort & yacht Marina

Baa Atoll
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South Maalhosmadulu Atoll and Goidhoo Atoll, or Horsburgh Atoll, as it is called on some European charts, belong to the administrative atoll of Baa. Weaving and fishing are the principal occupations of the islanders. South Maalhosmadulu Atoll is 42 km long and 32 km wide. There are 10 inhabited islands and 41 uninhabited islands. Eydhafushi is the atoll capital. The atoll is separated from North Maalhosmadulu Atoll by a 3.2 km wide channel, Hani Kandu, otherwise known as the Moresby Channel. A 1.8 km wide channel, Kuda Kanduolhi, cuts through South Maalhosmadulu Atoll from east to west. Sonevafushi (Kunfunadhoo) is currently the only resort in the atoll but another four uninhabited islands have been earmarked for resort development. They are Fonimagoodhoo, Kihaadhuffaru, Horubadhoo and Dhunikolhu. Olhugiri is the most southern island of South Maalhosmadulu Atoll and lies 13 km north of Goidhoo Atoll. Goidhoo Atoll, or Horsburgh Atoll, is 8.5 km long and 17.5 km wide. It has three inhabited islands: Goidhoo, Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo, known collectively as Goi'fulha'fehendhoo. There are three small uninhabited islands and only one channel, Doru Kandu, in the south of the atoll. The atoll offers a secure anchorage near the islands in the north-east monsoon.
Coco Palm Resort & Spa Soneva Fushi Resort & Spa
Royal Island Resort & Spa    
Meemu Atoll
Medhufushi Island Resort    
Faafu Atoll
Filitheyo Island Resort    
Dhaalu Atoll
Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort Velavaru Island Resort
Lhaviyani Atoll
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A small atoll in comparison to other atolls, Lhaviyani Atoll is also known as Faadhippolhu. It is 35 kilometres long and 37 kilometres wide and lies 120 kilometres north of Male’. The atoll is comprised of about 50 islands out of which five are inhabited. Most of the islands in the atoll are large and densely vegetated and unusually they are all situated on the outer rim of the atoll. The first resort in the atoll opened in 1988 and remained the only one in the atoll until the end of 1998. The atoll is well known for its diving. The ‘boatyard’, for instance offers divers the unique opportunity of enjoying two wrecks in one dive. Lhaviyani Atoll is home to about 8,000 people. Almost half of the population lives on the island of Naifaru, the atoll capital. Except for Hinnavaru and Naifaru the other villages are sparsely populated. The main occupation of the people of the atoll is fishing and even today they are renowned fishermen. It is no wonder that the Felivaru Tuna Canning Factory, the only canning factory in the country is located in the atoll. The factory now produces about 90,000 tonnes of canned tuna per year and employs about 2000 staff. All fish used for canning, is caught using the pole and line method, thus encouraging a sustainable, environment friendly fishing industry. The island of Maafilaafushi, on the northern rim of the atoll, is being resettled with encouragement from the government. Although it is only a small population that is resident on the island so far, the government has already provided them with important infrastructure such as a school, health centre and mosque.
Komandoo Island Resort One&Only Kanuhura Maldives
Kuredu Island Resort Palm Beach Resort & Spa
Seenu Atoll
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Seenu Atoll also known as Addoo Atoll is the southernmost atoll of the
 Maldives. It is one of two atolls of the Maldives that lie on the south of the equator. The heart-shaped atoll is 18 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide. Addoo Atoll is different from any other Maldivian atoll in many respects. The islands are only on the rim of the atoll and the islands on the western side have been joined together to form the longest stretch of land in the country, measuring about 18 kilometres. The holiday experience at Addoo is also different from the rest of the Maldives. This is the only atoll where you can ride a bicycle through the towns and meet the locals. The only resort in the atoll is at Gan. Buildings of the former RAF base here have been converted to provide facilities for the resort. Most visitors get to Addoo by scheduled Air Maldives flights from Male’ International Airport - an exciting one hour flight which takes you over the whole length of the Maldives chain of atolls to the south of Male’ the capital. The best diving and snorkelling in the atoll is on the long outer fringing reefs of the atoll. Caves and overhangs provide the perfect habitat for turtles and nurse sharks. Although divers may not find an abundance of reef fish, one would see mantas, sharks, turtles and generally other big fish all year round. The large wreck of the ‘British Royalty’ torpedoed by the Japanese while in Addoo harbour, and later sunk by the British, also enhances diving in this atoll. The population of 17,000 lives on four islands, with 10,000 living on Hithadhoo the capital. Hithadhoo is a bustling town, only second to Male’, with its own hospital, secondary school and streets lined with shops. The history of the atoll is quite unique too. With the outbreak of World War II, the atoll became a key hub for British troop movements in the Indian Ocean region. A British RAF base was built in Gan and before long 1200 Addoo locals were employed by the British. After the end of the War, Gan was developed as a modern airbase with the latest navigational and landing aids, and was able to handle the most sophisticated RAF aircraft. Between 1960-61 it handled some 630 aircraft and 12,500 passengers. The British stayed in Gan until 1976.
Equator Village    
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