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Dive Site: Maagiri Caves

Location : Malé Atoll
Type of dive : Driftdive
Depth Range :
5m - 30m
Photography :
For the landscape and eagle rays the use of a wide angle lens (14mm-28mm) is recommended. Although with a 50mm-100mm lens you will get some good images of the honeycomb morays.

Special Feature :
A nice wall reef with a huge rock in front of it creates an impressive canyon, making it an exciting dive. Beautiful soft oral in greater depth with small caves up to 6m. Schooling yellow snapper, fusilier, giant and honeycomb moray eels as well as occasional eagle rays can be seen here.

Dive Site: Potato Reef

Location : Malé Atoll
Type of dive : Anchordive, descent and ascent on a rope.
Depth Range :
5m - 25m
Photography :
This is a place for macro photographs. Use a 50mm - 100mm lens for the moray eels, stonefish and gobies.
Special Feature :
Myriad of colour glaze this beautiful reef where the marine life is abundant. Only about 100m in diameter, it provides excellent opportunities for keen uw-photographers. The reef is covered mainly in hard coral and crustacions. Massive moray eels are found here, as well as the extremely rare ghost moray.

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