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Blue Surgeonfish
Blue SurgeonfishThe body is oval and compressed. The snout is short and has a concave profile. The dorsal and anal fins are rounded and the caudal fins are slightly incised. The general coloration of the body is dark blue. The head is black. The dorsal fin is yellow, edged with black and light blue. The caudal fin is light blue at the centre while the edges are black and dark blue. The base of the pectoral fin is orange. There is a yellow spot on the caudal peduncle which indicates the position of the sharp erectile spine. These fish live in schools and are herbivorous. They attain a length of twenty centimetres.
Clown Triggerfish
Clown TriggerfishThe body is oval and compressed. The mouth is terminal with protruding incisors and the snout is pointed. The caudal fin is rounded. The colouring of is very vivid making it very easy to recognise. The clown triggerfish is one the best known in its family. The upper portion of it body is dark and speckled with yellow. The lower portion is adorned with large white spots. The lips are a yellowish orange and there is a yellow band beneath the eyes. The clown triggerfish live along the outer wall of the reef and grow to a length of 50 centimetres.

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